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We’re here to unify the world of real estate. Out of the 90s and into the future – we’re drastically improving the buying and selling experience for brokerages, agents, and their clients.

The secret to building such an ambitious ecosystem? The incredible team behind it.
At our core, we care about people—our team members, our customers and their clients. We are a team of individuals inspired to do great things, and empowered by making them happen quickly. Our shared sense of urgency allows us to learn extremely quickly and provide exceptional customer service.
“I want to make sure people take ownership of their tasks; that they learn externally. We built this company on diamonds in the rough, so we want to keep investing in potential—people who don’t necessarily have the right credentials but have the right brains and the right desire to do great things.”
Pavel Choulguine
Co-Founder & CTO

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Get in at the beginning. You’ll be at the core of building software that redefines an industry. The trailblazer that you are, you enjoy the rush of uncertainty and a fast-paced environment. Our advanced showing management technology is changing how the real estate industry operates—and you can get in on the ground floor.
Get the growth you desire. You will be encouraged to pursue professional development opportunities. You’re an infinite learner constantly seeking to better your skills, and at BrokerBay you are supported to do so internally and externally.
Get the praise you deserve. Your efforts will be recognized and rewarded. Hard work and resourcefulness do not go unnoticed at BrokerBay. Your desire to progress is matched with opportunity of upward mobility; we invest in people for the long haul.
Get a dream team behind you. You’ll join a diverse and dynamic team. Our different backgrounds, skills and experiences are our strength. We embrace and make room for everyone at the table—no opinion is more valuable than another.
Ownership and curiosity are vital to our success; we believe in fostering an environment where passion for progress is nurtured and encouraged through internal and external learning opportunities.Our biggest champions are blazing their own path, brave in their decisions and broadminded in their approach.
This is the place where infinite learners thrive and are consistently awarded for their hard work and curiosity. By carefully carving out space for individuality and diversity, our team is able to utilize theunique experiences and backgrounds of fellow team members to find solutions faster.
“We’ve found this combination between speed and magic and it is something that I think the founders have really doubled down on. It’s a bias toward action while executing their vision with thoughtfulness. We are able to make pretty incredible gut decisions when we have the trust to do so.”
Matty Piotrowski
Product Design Lead