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Market Analytics

Introducing our real-time market analytics engine. Gain deep insights into the market - on demand.

The only Real-Time market analytics
system in North America.

Track your brokerage and market trends from one dashboard.
Up-to-the-minute reporting on multiple key market indicators.
Powerful predictive metrics on showings and offer registrations.

The Future of Analytics

BrokerBay's new analytics engine queries and compares millions of records across every geographic region with lightning speed.  View to-the-minute reporting on every crucial aspect of the real estate market - on demand.

All-in-one Dashboard

No more switching between reporting tools.  BrokerBay's new analytics system contains everything you're looking for in one, easy-to-use dashboard.

Advanced Data Filtering

Our advanced filtering options produce precise reports that compare neighbourhoods, property types,  features and a lot more.

Robust Neighbourhood Data

The most accurate neighbourhood data in Canada. Our geospatial team continuously refines map boundary data to reflect the market.

Coming Soon

Introducing BrokerBay.AI, a next generation Realtor dashboard.  Better advise clients with the power of machine learning algorithms that provide predictive modelling and forecasting.

Permission Based Reporting

Our comprehensive, permission based reporting empowers agents, teams, admins and managers to all pull and save their own relevant reports - all from a modern, easy-to-use interface.

Market Level Insights

Deep dive into showings, offers, sales, exclusives, average prices and a lot more. Intelligently compare regions in real-time from your new analytics control centre.

Brokerage & Agent Reporting

Track health and productivity indicators of your agents and admin staff. Always know who is thriving and who requires some more guidance and training.