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NTREIS, Welcome to BrokerBay

BrokerBay's Full-Front Desk ecosystem allows everyone in your brokerage to collaborate under one roof. Add and manage brokerage staff and administrators to help agents with showing configurations,  communications, add brokerage files / resource center, reporting / analytics & a whole lot more!

Advanced Admin Dashboards
Modern Brokerage
Office reporting & analytics

Learn more BrokerBay's Brokerage Front-Desk ecosystem.


Close more deals.
With less work.

BrokerBay’s advanced showing management ecosystem drastically reduces agent and staff workloads, empowers agents to do more deals, and thoroughly impresses clients, all from one central location.

Mobile App Experience for Agents
Lightning Fast Admin Workflows
MLS Integrated 
3D Virtual Showing System
Trusted by the best

It’s time to show off.
From anywhere.

The BrokerBay Mobile app is the way agents interface with their team, brokerage, and the MLS®.  Efficiently search, manage, share, book and offer on listings from the palm of your hand. The first modern, agent operational mobile app.

Mobile App Experience for Agents
Lightning Fast Admin Workflows
MLS Integrated 
3D Virtual Showing System

Smart dashboards.
Designed for speed.

Built for teams of any size to coordinate and collaborate on listings, showings, offers, and more. Easily manage, confirm, deny and suggest new showings from mobile, web, or SMS

Find your listings and showings in seconds
Accept, deny, or reschedule appointments
Reach out to key teammates, clients, or suppliers

Intelligent Listing Settings

Using BrokerBay’s advanced showing settings, configure advanced parameters on your listings like granular auto-confirm times, multiple tenant approvals, team assistant workflows and a lot more!

Advanced Property Tours

The most advanced multi-property scheduling system in North America. Efficiently search for and book showings on multiple listings, route them on a map, and optimize the route with one-click.

Modern Booking Dashboard

Provide showing agents with a modern and streamlined booking experience on your listings. The BrokerBay booking icon will appear on all of your listings and make it easier than ever for agents to book.

Seller Dashboards

Impress sellers with a modern portal that allows them to participate in the showing process.  Easily confirm, deny, suggest better times and effortlessly sync all their showings to their personal calendar of choice - with the click of a button.

Real-Time Analytics

BrokerBay's new market analytics engine allows you to view real-time graphs on every crucial aspect of the real estate market. Compare neighborhoods on a variety of traditional and predictive market indicators in real-time!

Locked and loaded.
Smartlocks at your fingertips.

BrokerBay’s approach to electronic lockbox management is fundamentally different than any front-desk provider in North America. In addition to offering seamless integrations with the most popular hardware providers, BrokerBay is the only provider that offers hierarchical management of multiple lockbox brands, specifically tailored to unique board / brokerage structures and workflows.

Custom, hierarchical role-based access
Assign lockboxes to any of your listings
Access a detailed, auto-logged audit trail

Explore Features

Advanced Front-desk Management

Intelligent algorithms prioritize your front-desk workloads. Always know what's most important.

Enhanced Offer Registration

Fully customize offer strategy & notification process while maintaining strict compliance.


The first modern messaging system built for the way real estate brokerages like to chat.

Industry leading iPhone / Android App

Finally... a modern mobile app where your agents can manage everything from their phone.

Customizable Feedback Collection

Get more feedback on your listings with our cutting edge feedback collection system.

Modern Client Dashboard

Engage your agents and sellers with an intuitive, user-friendly dashboard.

Seamless E-Lockbox Integrations

Manage electronic lockbox access from a seamless, easy-to-use platform.

Robust Intranet System

Automate notifications, store documents, create events, haves / wants,  announcements and more.

Brokerage Analytics

Keep a pulse on important brokerage metrics and gain actionable insights.

Comprehensive Audit Trails

Thoroughly investigate and track all actions taken by your staff, agents and clients.

Industry Leading iPhone / Android App

Finally, a modern mobile app experience that empowers your agents to run their entire business from the palm of their hand.

Short Code SMS Sending

Ensure the delivery of every SMS, always from the same number, with our CRTC approved short-code sending.

Electronic Lockbox Standardization

Seamlessly manage and implement multiple electronic lockbox providers through BrokerBay's  bluetooth and code generating integrations.

Engaging In-person Trainings

Increase adoption and successful use of our technology with industry leading in-person agent and administrator brokerage trainings.

Enhanced Agent Verification

Ensure the safety of your homeowners and their property with BrokerBay's proprietary agent verification system.

Compliant Offer Registration

Fully customizable offer strategy & notification settings process while maintaining compliance.

Call Center Technology

Empower your brokerages to effortlessly integrate their front-desk with ANY answering service of their choosing.

Board Analytics

Leverage predictive market analytics. Track appointments, offer registrations and the overall health metrics of your boards members.

Appointment Desk

A Brokerage Subscription pricing is charged per listing / per month paid by the brokerage. If the Agent subscribes themself, pricing is a flat subscription of $20/month paid by the agent.

Brokerage Subscription


per active listing per month
  • 24 / 7 / 365 Live answering service
  • Experienced and trained appointment specialists
  • Full service experience
  • Fully Integrated with BrokerBay

Agent Subscription


per month
  • 24 / 7 / 365 Live answering service
  • Experienced and trained appointment specialists
  • Full service experience
  • Fully Integrated with BrokerBay

Get Started - Head Broker Managed

Step 1 – SSO from MLS Dashboard

Broker of Record's are responsible for claiming a launch date for the brokerage.

Click the BrokerBay button on your NTREIS Dashboard. This will launch an onboarding portal to quickly and simply take you through the process to get started with BrokerBay.

Step 2 – Complete Your Profile

The first thing you’ll see is a simple form to complete your profile. Review the information we’ve pre-populated from your MLS account, add any missing details, and upload a headshot.

Step 3 – Select your Brokerage’s Launch Date

After you’ve completed your profile, it’s time to choose your brokerage's launch date! This is the date that the BrokerBay booking link will appear on your brokerage's listings.

Step 4 – Quickly Email Launch Details to your Agents

Here you can notify your brokerage of your launch date, training registration links and next steps to prepare for launch.

Step 5 – Launch Day!

On the launch day you selected, your listings will display the BrokerBay button within your MLS System. Ensure your agents and staff prepare for launch by adding showing instructions to listings.


When is training held?

Live trainings are held a few weeks before your brokerage goes live.  You will receive an automated notice to your email to register for a session.

How do launch dates work?

Booking links on your listing will be automatically transitioned to BrokerBay on the day of your launch. Your agents and staff will simply login to BrokerBay, configure showing instructions and to begin using the system on Launch Day, as a hard cutover from your previous Showing Management Provider.

What do I need to do to go live?

Your Head Broker will input key details and select a Launch Day within our Onboarding Wizard. Once this is done, staff and agents will be notified of launch date and can access BrokerBay to add Showing Instructions to listings.

How Do I Get Support?

BrokerBay is always here to help! If you run into any technical issues or issues with booking, we have two channels of communication. Email [email protected] to create a support ticket, or call 1-800-257-1242 to have your question answered by a live support representative.