Your BLC Toolkit Just
Got a Whole Lot Better!
- Introducing -

This Winter, MIBOR is making the full BrokerBay Showing Management ecosystem available to all brokerages agents - as a core Broker Listing Cooperative®  service!

Drastically reduce showing workload
Modern web and mobile app experience
Impress clients with modern tools

Close more deals.
With less work.

BrokerBay’s advanced showing management ecosystem drastically reduces  workloads, empowers agents to do more deals, and thoroughly impresses clients, all from one central location.

Advanced Showing Automations
Lightning Fast Workflows
BLC® Integrated 
3D Virtual Showing System

Smart dashboards.
Designed for speed.

Built for teams of any size to coordinate and collaborate on listings, showings, offers, and more. Easily manage, confirm, deny and suggest new showings from mobile, web, or SMS

Find listings and showings in seconds
Accept, deny, or reschedule showings
Reach out to key teammates, clients, or suppliers

Intelligent Listing Settings

Using BrokerBay’s advanced showing settings, configure advanced parameters on your listings like granular auto-confirm times, multiple tenant approvals, team assistant workflows and a lot more!

Advanced Property Tours

The most advanced multi-property scheduling system in North America. Efficiently search for and book showings on multiple listings, route them on a map, and optimize the route with one-click.

Modern BLC® Dashboard

Provide showing agents with a modern and streamlined BLC® booking experience on your listings. The BrokerBay booking icon will appear on all of your BLC® listings and make it easier than ever for agents to book.

It’s time to show off.
From anywhere.

The BrokerBay Mobile app is the way agents interface with their team, listings, and the BLC®.  Efficiently search, manage, share, book and offer on listings from the palm of your hand. The first modern, agent operational mobile showing app.

Search listings and share them with your clients
Book tours and manage showing configurations
Chat with any agent from within your BLC®.

Seller Dashboards

Impress sellers with a modern portal that allows them to participate in the showing process.  Easily confirm, deny, suggest better times and effortlessly sync all their showings to their personal calendar of choice - with the click of a button.

Real-Time Analytics

BrokerBay's new market analytics engine allows you to view real-time graphs on every crucial aspect of the real estate market. Compare neighborhoods on a variety of traditional and predictive market indicators in real-time!